PD-L1 Antibody for in vivo use

ichorbio supplies a range of antibodies targeting PD-L1 including low endotoxin antibodies and biosimilar antibodies.

PD-L1 in vivo Antibodies

ichorbio supplies one low endotoxin antibody to PD-L1 – clone 10F.9G2 – product code ICH1086. Clone 10F.9G2 is supplied in bulk quantities 5mg – 100mg.

PD-L1 biosimilars

ichorbio supplies two antibodies which target PD-L1: Atezolizumab and Avelumab. Both antibodies are strictly for research use only; they are not medicinal grade and therefore are not for therapeutic purposes.

Background to PD-L1

Plays a critical role in induction and maintenance of immune tolerance to self. As a ligand for the inhibitory receptor PDCD1/PD-1, modulates the activation threshold of T-cells and limits T-cell effector response. Through a yet unknown activating receptor, may costimulate T-cell subsets that predominantly produce interleukin-10 (IL10).
The PDCD1-mediated inhibitory pathway is exploited by tumors to attenuate anti-tumor immunity and escape destruction by the immune system, thereby facilitating tumor survival. The interaction with PDCD1/PD-1 inhibits cytotoxic T lymphocytes (CTLs) effector function. The blockage of the PDCD1-mediated pathway results in the reversal of the exhausted T-cell phenotype and the normalization of the anti-tumor response, providing a rationale for cancer immunotherapy.
ichorbio supplies a range of products related to PD-1 including low endotoxin antibodies, biosimilar antibodies, conjugated antibodies and recombinant proteins.