Antibody Conjugation Kits for in vivo use

ichorbio supplies a range of in vivo Antibody labeling kits that allow researchers to conjugate our low endotoxin and biosimilar antibodies to six different near-infrared dyes: CF® 670, CF® 700, CF® 790, CF® 800, CF® 820.

In vivo antibody Labeling kits


Near-infrared (near-IR) dyes offer important advantages over traditional visible light dyes. Because cellular or tissue components produce minimal autofluorescence in the near-IR region, near-IR dyes have the potential to offer highly specific and sensitive detection in complex biological systems. Light with wavelength in the near-IR region has strong tissue penetration, allowing the use of near-IR dyes for in vivo fluorescence imaging. For Western blotting, near-IR dyes offer advantages over chemiluminescence in sensitivity, linearity, and multi-color detection.

Near-IR CF® dyes are next-generation long wavelength dyes representing a true breakthrough in the field. The current commercial near-IR dyes suffer from problems of limited fluorescence brightness due to excessive dye aggregation and poor stability. ichorbio’s, near-IR CF® dyes overcome these problems, resulting in exceptionally bright and photostable dyes. In addition, near-IR CF® dyes possess a proprietary structural feature that renders the dyes more water-soluble than other near-infrared dyes without introducing excessive charge. Consequently, a higher number of near-IR CF® dyes can be conjugated to a protein for maximal fluorescence, while still preserving conjugate specificity and long in vivo half-life.


  • Highly water soluble
  • Exceptionally bright and stable
  • Superior signal-to-noise for conjugates
  • Long in vivo half-life


  • NIR Western/In Cell Western®
  • In vivo small animal imaging
  • Flow cytometry & microscopy
  • Super-resolution microscopy
  • Photoacoustic imaging