Ordering Frequently Asked Questions

Why is your pricing in USD?

At this time ichorbio does not sell direct into any markets: we use distributors to develop brand awareness and sales on our behalf. Over the last few years British Sterling has fluctuated a lot and so our distributors asked us to price our products in US Dollars to help them to keep our pricing as competitive as possible.

How do I place my order?

At this time ichorbio does not sell direct to any markets so you will not be able to place an order through our website. Please contact the distributor listed in your territory who will be able to give you competitive pricing in your local currency and also offer immediate technical support on our products.

How does ichorbio keep its reagent prices so competitive?

We are able to offer our quality reagents at discounts up to 50% over our nearest competitors by manufacturing everything in house and focusing on bulk production of our products as standard. We also use the most up to date distribution, marketing and operations technologies. For example, we use:

  • A streamlined ordering process based on a searchable online catalogue.
  • Modern tracking and inventory systems to avoid unnecessary overhead.
  • The most efficient methods for our shipping and office operations

Can I order via distributors?

Yes of course, ichorbio currently has distributors based in countries worldwide and we recommend our distributors as your first port of call for ordering our products. ichorbio works closely with our distributors to allow them to provide the best prices in their territory, and they are able to provide you with shipping and technical support in your language in your home currency. 

Do you offer free samples of your products?

We currently DO NOT offer free samples of our products.

How do I contact ichorbio?

The most effective way to contact us is via email. We can be contacted at hello@ichor.bio.

We always try to answer your questions in as little as a few business hours. Please visit our Contact Us page for more information.

How do I receive my Amazon Vouchers?

ichorbio offers different amounts of Amazon vouchers based on the content of your review: for more information click Amazon Vouchers for Reviews.

How does ichorbio compare to other companies in the space?

ichorbio has created a webpage called comparing ichorbio to Bio X Cell and BioLegend – to help you to compare our products side by side with Bio X Cell and BioLegend which are the two leading companies in the in vivo antibody space.

What resources does ichorbio have for researchers?

ichorbio is beginning to create detailed documents for life science researchers. Our first one is called “How to write a great life science paper“.