Dear Customers, Distributors, and Business Partners,

All the staff at ichorbio are heartbroken by the havoc that is being wreaked by coronavirus around the world today. The disease affects us all – every country, every background, rich, poor, young, old. We urge everyone to please practice social distancing – it is the easiest way to stop its spread. It’s so easy to think “I’m feeling healthy” or “I need to see my mum / dad / grandparents” – but if you can hold off for one or two weeks it really will make a massive difference.

We all laughed at the photos coming out of China (the one below was a particular favourite of the ichorbio staff!) but we now consider that their diligence in adhering to the social distancing advice was one of the reasons why the country was able to get Covid-19 under control relatively quickly.

Looking at the ichorbio business, we’ve had to reduce our production capacity significantly to protect the well being of our staff. We do however have gram quantity supplies of our best selling products in stock and decent quantities of our other products. Our logistics staff are on alternate shifts and there may be slightly longer delivery times than normal.

Other than that we should be contactable via phone, email and LiveChat most times should you want to get in contact.

Please stay safe,


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