About Us

ichorbio was founded in Oxford, United Kingdom by a group of scientists with a perhaps unnecessarily large number of pets…

At ichorbio, we are passionate about animals and believe there is a better way to do in vivo research.  For us, the most important consideration was that our antibodies for in vivo use have the lowest possible impact on the animals they are being used in.  This is how our mission was born: to create the best antibodies for in vivo research.
To achieve our mission, we have created products that have lower endotoxin, higher purity and lower aggregation than other antibodies currently available on the market.  Our antibodies adhere to all the same criteria as many of the larger manufacturers from a quality perspective (ISO9001 cGMP certified facility) with the added benefit that you can feel confident that you are doing the best for your animals.
More information on the improvements we have made and how our products compare side by side to the biggest companies in the in vivo space can be found here.
In support of our mission, we make a donation to the National Centre for Replacement, Refinement & Reduction of Animals in Research (NC3Rs) for every order we receive.  If you also believe in what the NC3Rs stand for, you can help us donate even more by reviewing our products.
Please click here for a full list of our products and do get in touch any time at hello@ichor.bio.