About Us

ichorbio was founded in Oxford, United Kingdom by a group of scientists that felt that researchers are paying over the odds for their life science reagents. We started out by developing monoclonal antibodies at bulk scale – from 1mg up to gram quantities. All of our antibodies can be used for standard applications – western blotting, flow cytometry and more – but when working at scale we also found it quite easy to develop the antibodies with extremely low levels of endotoxin so they are suitable for in vivo use as well. As much as possible we’ve set our pricing at $100 for 1mg.

To be clear: if you’re paying more than $300 for 0.1mg of antibody you’re not getting a better antibody; you’re either paying to keep a company’s stock price high or you’re paying for that company to buy the antibody from another manufacturer.

From antibodies we are beginning to look at a number of other reagents where the market leaders have been able to get away with overcharging their customers for years due to lack of competition. So to our competitors we say “watch out!” and to our customers we say “watch this space!!”